MMI GroupMMI Group


Specialization: solutions for ensuring reliable operation of the IT systems
Products: surge protectors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and voltage stabilizers, relevant software and accessories, data centers.

APC – It is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of power protection equipment (from desktops and enterprise systems), as well as small and medium-sized data centers.

Specialization: electronics, hardware

Equipment: servers, storage systems, laptops, monitors, software

Dell – one of the worldwide leaders in production of computers

Specialization: software development and implementation
Products: operating systems, cloud computing, systems of software development, office products

Microsoft – It is the worldwide leader in software production, services and development of Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The Corporation offers a wide range of software products business and personal use, the use of which significantly increases efficiency and allows you to apply the latest advances in information technology at work, at home and in teaching.

Specialization: is focused on the security electronics,especially the development of Body Worn Police Camera products.

Diamante Technology Co., Ltd – With an outstanding engineering and design team and years experience in ODM business. The company provides a range of solutions for the mobile video surveillance of different services: Police, Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, border guards and others.

Specialization: network hardware, cloud computing, data storage systems.
Products: routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, wireless network controllers, IP-phones, video terminals, server

CISCO – It is the world’s largest network equipment manufacturer, intended for remote service access networks, security services, storage networking, routing and switching, as well as for the needs of the commercial market, the IP-communications and the corporate market. (IP-telephony and video conferencing systems).

Specialization: electronics, computer hardware
Products: laptops, PCs

Lenovo – a global leader in the PC sector – develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC, as well as professional services that provide customers around the world the best way to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Specialization: computer systems, software, storage systems, microelectronics
Equipment: server, storage systems, software

IBM – World Corporation, one of the oldest in the information technology market. IBM offers a wide range of software applications, operating systems for all types of computers, allowing its customers to get the maximum benefits from the use of new technologies e-business era.


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