Body-worn camera for police and law enforcement

MMI Group’s solution presented by combining of specialized software (for automated data download from body cameras) and hardware, which include personal body cameras and docking station(s) for automated device recharging and data transfer.

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Access control systems and CCTV

MMI Group offers to you personal knowledge and experience in the field of construction of modern professional security and video surveillance systems. Currently, video surveillance directly impact on the lives and safety of people, so it is impossible to underestimate the importance of surveillance.

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Cloudy services and optimization of license models of corporate software

In a wide sense, the cloud services is a new model of IT services, which provides for the processing and storage of information on the hardware and software of the corresponding of the service provider.

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Corporate communication frameworks

The communication platform, allows users to communicate with each other in real time, using different types of communication: instant messaging, video and voice communications, general access to the desktop, conference, file transfer.

IT Law and protection of of intellectual property rights

Public activities of MMI Group allows us to not only be socially active, useful and stay highly professional and understanding of the legislative changes, also able to look confidently to the future.

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Infrastructural and software IT solutions

A highly developed OS of analytics, automation, control and visualization of data, which allows the safely administered, manage, collect and share information inside and outside of the enterprise.

Information security

Cybersecurity is a set of tools and principles which are aimed to provide and ensure safety, security guarantees, management principles, risk management methods, actions, professional training, practical experience, insurance and technology that can be used to protect cyberspace, organization resources and end-users.


Digitisation and e-archive is nowadays a global tendency in the IT world. Modern e-archive ensures quick search and prompt authorized access to information, simultaneous work of several users, information protection, etc. Especially important is accessibility of e-archive information both in day-to-day operations and crisis situations with full control over the public rights to e-documents access.