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Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR solution, is a Car Monitoring System, which include remote access and monitoring tools (with using of GPS and 3/4G). This MDVRT solution includes car digital hard disk recorder, IP-cameras, audio recorder (voice pick-up devices).

Key benefits of Mobile DVR use in police job:

  •  The monitoring center make unified manager and command to police cars through the software platform, it can save the police effectively and improve enforcement efficiency.
  • Support GPS/ BD dual model positioning with higher location accuracy.
  • After some external devices install it could be possible to monitor drivers (Speed limits, sleep, etc.).
  • Support 2 TB Hard disk recording, no need format. Plug and play.
  • Command center can operate the vehicle any time by 3G/ 4G.
  • Can support playback and backup video, remote download video and extract from server.
  • It’s possible to integrate MDVR with various storage solutions (Cisco, Dell etc.) for long term data storage.
  • It’s possible to connect various client applications (supported different operating systems, such as iOS, Windows, Linux и ) from different devices for online monitoring and control.
  • It’s possible to provide log of user’s action with using of online CMS (device turn on/off, speed limits control etc.).
  • Using of IP-cameras. This option MDVR make integration with video analytics (such as LPR/ANPR, face recognition etc.).
  • Support SDI 1080P video recording. Can support max 4 channel 1080P or 8 channel 720P clear video recording without any delay.

Mobile DVR solution have a lot of other benefits, not so crucial but still important. More of these benefits could be get in account under implementation of MDVR solution.

Multifunction device Border Control

Mobile tablet has a lot of unique functions:

  • The ability to identify people by their documents (including biometrics)
  • Unique solution in the field of user identification by fingerprint
  • Support of different scanners and terminals (including the support NFC)
  • Support of all Windows applications.

The functional of the tablet provides an opportunity for the prepare reports and transmit them to the processing center, which simplifies the work and speeds it. The device is functions under the supervision of the Windows 10 that allows to easily integrate its functional capabilities with existing hardware and software systems.

MMI GROUP is official distributor of the PRADOTEC in the territory of Ukraine and in the Baltic States