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Cloudy services and optimization of license models of corporate software

What we offer?

In a broad sense, cloud services is a new model of IT services, which provides processing and store information on the hardware and software of the corresponding service provider.

Audit of the feasibility of using different software, and issuing recommendations for his replacement or changing licensing models.

Information technologies are in fact instrument for automation certain business processes associated with receiving, processing / storage and transmission of information. In this sense, the same task can be solved in different ways (using different equipment with different software), and staff should use corporate technology only for fulfillment of their job responsibilities. Quantity of Software is constantly growing, the relevant licensing models is complicated, and the legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights in different countries is differs substantially.

For whom it may be interesting?

For large companies and public institutions

What do you get?

Reduction of CAPEX and relevant OPEX for the purchase and support of software.